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.: 三十六道強風

秋天聆聽 滋味更佳

four strong winds that blow lonely
seven seas that run high
all those things that don't change come what may
but our good times are all gone
and i'm bound for moving on
i'll look for you if i'm ever back this way

think i'll go out to alberta
weather's good there in the fall
got some friends that i can go to working for
still i wish you'd change your mind
if i asked you one more time
but we've been through that a hundred times or more

if i get there before the snow flies
and if things are going good
you could meet me if i send you down the fare
but by then it would be winter
ain't too much for you to do
and the wind sure blows cold way out there


Four Strong Winds is a song written by Ian Tyson in the early 1960s. It was recorded by Ian and Sylvia on an album of the same name released in 1964.

The song is based on the life of transient farm workers, forced to move where work can be found, but its theme is the sometimes temporary nature of human relationships.

This folk classic has been recorded by many artists including Neil Young (which he performed with Joni Mitchell and The Band at the famous Last Waltz Concert), Hank Snow, The Seekers, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, The Searchers, Teenage Fanclub, John Denver, Bobby Bare, The Brothers Four in an album by the same name, The Kingston Trio, Waylon Jennings, Chad and Jeremy, Ulf Lundell, The Tragically Hip and most recently, Johnny Cash. It was a hit by Bobby Bare in 1964.Also recorded by Joan Baez.

In 2005, CBC Radio One listeners chose this song as the greatest Canadian song of all time on the series 50 Tracks: The Canadian Version.

Additionally, the song is sung on the last night of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival each year.

Its theme is the sometimes temporary nature of human relationships?!


四股強風孤獨地吹送 七大海洋高高地漲起
我們的時光已過去 我也已準備搬到別處

我想我會搬到亞伯地 那裡的秋天氣候不差
仍然我想改變你心意 如果容我再問你一次

若在雪季前我到那裡 而情況如果也都順利
你可以來此地看看我 也許我會寄旅費給你
但時節恐怕已入寒冷 你也沒什麼事好打發

人在風裡 身不由己

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